Bench to Support Breast Cancer!
Our next event at Gaglione Strength is going to be a charity contest!
Bench Press for Boobs!
Link to sign up and donate
When: October 7th check in and Weigh in at 11am
Rules: 11:45am
Contest Starts at 12pm
-Novice Women & Light Weight Men will go in Flight 1
-Light Weight Women & Middle Weight men will go in Flight 2
-Middle Weight Women & Heavy Weight Men will go in Flight 3
Where: Gaglione Strength
32 Allen Blvd
Farmingdale NY 11735
What: Bench Press for a Cause! The profit from the Contest is going to the BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation). We are going to have different levels of difficulty for the event so anyone can participate! Novice Division Women * No weight class
75 lbs for reps in a minute
*Eligible for anyone who has never down a powerlifting contest or their 1RM is below the weight of the normal division.
Light Weight Women 155 and Under
95 lbs for reps in a minute
Middle Weight Women 155 and Up
115 lbs for reps in a minute
Light Weight Men 185 and down
185 lbs reps in a minute
Middle Weight 186-225
225 lbs for Reps in a minute
Heavy Weight Men 226 and Up
225 lbs for Reps in a minute
Rules: Touch and Go Reps with a Count at the top. You can’t start the next rep until you get the count. If the rep doesn’t count the number will be repeated.
Causes for bad reps: Bouncing, heaving, butt coming off the bench, elbows not fully locked out
You will have one minute to perform as minute. Once time expires or the athlete cannot perform a successful repetition (bar goes down and or stops) the set is over.
Awards: Awards will go to the Top competitor in each division (most reps)
If there is a tie lighter body weight wins
If body weight is the same there will be an ultimate tiebreaker event.
We will also have a Best Lifter Award for Male and Female as well as the Soaring Eagle Award (best performance of the day)
We are capping the Event at 30 Lifters
Link to sign up and donate
How to Enter :
Step 1: Donate $60 to this page
Step 2: Forward receipt to [email protected] with your class and division and T-shirt size before September 22nd*
*If you sign up after September 22nd we cannot guarantee your T-shirt size will be available. If sign up after the 30 lifter limit has been reached will put you on a waiting list.
How to order a Pink Meet T-Shirt (we have ladies fit for girls and men’s fit for guys) (must be in attendance day of meet)
Step One: Donate $20 to this page
Step Two: Forward Receipt to [email protected] with T-shirt size before September 22nd *
* If you order a shirt after deadlift there it isn’t a guarantee we will have your size
No money? No barbell lifting experience? Can’t bench press because of an injury
Still want to help?
We are going to need spotters, loaders, and table help.
E-mail [email protected] if want to volunteer to help run the event!
Helpers will receive a free t-shirt!
Any other questions you can drop a comment below or e-mail me at [email protected]
Let’s press for a cause !
Link to sign up and donate