Mission Statement

Core Values & The Gaglione Strength Code


My goal at Gaglione Strength is to Educate YOU on how to train the right way so YOU are Motivated to Dominate all areas of YOUR life and reach YOUR individual goals. My mission is to help YOU become the strongest version of YOURSELF.


My story: Why did I start Gaglione Strength?


Really quick here is MY story in a nutshell. This will help explain why I do what I do and how I got in the field and why I am qualified to coach YOU.

I never achieved my own personal goals as an athlete despite all the time I put in

I am a FAILURE. I never reach my goals as an athlete. All I wanted was to be an All County wrestler. I worked my BUTT off, but I was plagued with constant injuries, tore my abdominal muscles my junior year and tore my hamstring my senior year. No matter how hard I worked I couldn’t get it done. I lifted weights, I went to camps, clinics, I ran, I ate a clean diet, but I couldn’t achieve my goals. I lost in the round to place in double overtime and my dreams crumbled. I learned that working hard was NOT enough I need to train SMARTER and learn the correct ways to train. That is when I started researching training methods and learning the proper way to train the body for athletic development and strength.


Since I didn’t achieve my goals I decided I wanted to get into coaching. I never had a strength coach or a coach that truly understood what I PERSONALLY needed to be where I wanted to be. Sure I got better, but it still sucked never achieving my goal. If I had trained properly I wouldn’t have gotten hurt so many times and that alone could have been the difference between getting on the podium and not during my last season as a wrestler. I NEVER wanted anyone to have the pain and heartache I felt from failing. I vowed I would start coaching and help other achieve their goals. I wanted other to achieve want I couldn’t. During my senior year in high school I started coaching the youth program and shortly after graduating high school I started coaching at Plainedge High School. I coached for several years after that at every level.


I let my health go. Always make time for your training and health. Once its gone its tough to get back

During my personal training career I started working crazy hours and trained everyone at anytime during the day and night. I started to let me OWN HEALTH GO. I was not practicing what I was preaching anymore.  I ballooned up to 340 pounds. I decide to take my own advice and seek out several coaches. I got a business coach, strength coach, and nutrition coach to help me out. I wanted to stop personal training and create my own gym so I can have the life to support my goals and help as many people as possible. Once I got my own space everything else started to fall into place. My own training got better, my diet improved and most importantly my health improved. So far I have dropped over 60 pounds and still going strong. My goal is to keep on training to set an example for my athletes and all of my gym members.

So as you can see I have had many ups and downs in my life and my own training. It took nearly a decade to open my own gym and be the coach that I am today. I am still constantly learning and improving so I can best serve my community and help them achieve their goals. My goal is to create a stronger community both physically and mentally.

I have FAILED many times. I have tried everything and learned the best methods to achieve success. You can take the guess work out of the equation by letting us help you out!



Gaglione Strength’s mission is to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, DOMINATE

Be a student of the game. The smarter YOU train the more time YOU will have to spend working on other aspects of YOUR life. Learning and understanding why YOU are training is critical for YOUR success and optimizing YOUR performance in all other areas of YOUR life. Always strive to be a little better every day and keep on learning. Never get to the point where YOU think YOU are “good enough.” YOU can always get better in everything YOU do. Constantly invest in YOUR education and have a coach to guide YOU through this process.

YOU should be excited to come and train and be motivated to reach YOUR goals. YOU attitude and energy should be infectious to others and YOU should strive to be a leader in whatever YOU do. Lead the front and be a role model to others. YOU should be passionate about what YOU do in training and in life. Live each day to the absolute fullest and always focus on the positive.

YOU should want to be the best in whatever YOU do. Whether it be YOUR job, YOUR school or YOUR team YOU should want to be the best YOU can be. Train to become the strongest version of YOURSELF both mentally and physically so YOU can dominate all areas of YOUR life. This type of training isn’t for everyone, but for those that have the inner strength to complete it will learn to deal with adversity and gain the ability to conquer all obstacles inside and outside of the weight room.


G-Team Philosophy on Training

Work Hard-
Great success is not going to come easy. In order to be the best YOU do need to put in the time and put in the effort.


Be Consistent- It isn’t enough to work hard part time. Attaining a high level of success requires focus consistency in order to keep moving forward.


Never Give up- At some point YOU are going to hit a hardship in YOUR life. It is important to not give up when things get tough. If YOU never give up YOU can’t lose.


Have SMART Goals-

YOU need a destination before YOU start driving. The best map in the world won’t do YOU any good if YOU don’t know where YOU are going. Knowing how to write YOUR goals is a critical step toward YOUR success. YOU need goals for ALL areas of YOUR life.

Have Specific and Measurable goals that mean something to YOU.
YOU need clear Action steps to take in order to reach YOUR goal.
YOU need a strong Reason to reach YOUR goal in the Timeline YOU have set.

G-Team Motto Be All In

When YOU have a goal that is TRULY important YOU need to be ALL IN.
If YOU are 100% committed to YOUR goal 100% of the time YOU will be successful. If YOU don’t give 100% then YOU will never realize YOUR full potential.


G-Team Expectations 
We don’t just let anyone in our gym. We have high expectations for all of our members to ensure you are in the best training enviroment possible for success.

1. Give YOUR Best Effort-

There are going to be days where YOU don’t perform as well as others. On days YOU are feeling great kick YOUR training up a notch. On days YOU are feeling beat up lower YOUR intensity and do what YOU can. If YOU consistently give YOUR best YOU will YOU will continue to make gains in the long run.

2. Treat others with respect-

Respect is earned. In order to be respected YOU need to first give respect out to YOUR peers. Never judge anyone before YOU get to truly know them and fully understand their entire life situation. Treat others how YOU want to be treated. Be a role model.

3. Ask for help and give out help-

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If YOU are not sure what to do ask someone who is more experienced than YOU. On the flip side if YOU are more experienced and YOU see something wrong make sure YOU lend a helping hand and give back to others. The more YOU give the more YOU will get back in return.

4. Take responsibility for YOUR actions-

Everyone makes mistakes. The key is to own up to YOUR mistakes and learn from them. YOU should be proud of everything YOU do in all aspects of YOUR life. If what YOU are doing is wrong and strive to do better the next time.

5. Have a Positive Attitude

No matter what happens in YOUR life understand it can always be better or worse. Always focus on the positive things and what YOU did well that day. When things are tough don’t use any negative self-talk. Be excited and passionate about getting better each and every day. Remember the group is a support system. We will bring YOU up when YOU are down so when others are down we expect YOU to bring them back up as well. Attitude is everything. Surround YOURSELF with positive people all the time. If YOU walk with the lame YOU will develop a limp.

6. Be Proactive-

All look for ways to leverage YOUR time and get better. If YOU get finished with early get in some extra work. If someone needs help, help them out. If someone is doing something wrong tell them. Always look for ways to better YOU and better the group. Take massive action and start YOUR goals today!

7. Attention to Detail-

Once YOU have the big picture figured out it is important to pay critical attention to detail. Focus on perfecting YOUR technique on all of YOUR exercises and get a little better at them every time YOU come to train. Don’t settle for average because YOU were born for greatness. Act as if YOU are already a champion. How does a champion act? A champion pays attention to all of the little things that are going to help him or her reach their goals no matter how difficult those things may be.

8. Be Prepared-

In training and in life always be prepared. It is always better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. When YOU are training bring the appropriate clothes and drinks to fuel YOUR body during the workout. Prepare YOUR meals ahead of time so YOUR nutrition is dialed in throughout the day. Set reminders on YOUR phone or computer so YOU get YOUR work done on time and are on time for important meetings and appointments. Failing to plain is planning to fail. Get YOUR stuff done ahead of time so YOU stay on track.

9. Live with Integrity-

Say what YOU do and do what YOU say. If YOU tell me YOU are going to be 100% committed to YOUR goals then do it. Don’t tell someone YOU are going to do something and not follow through on it. Don’t support things that YOU don’t believe it. Promote things that in YOUR heart YOU know are right. Stay true to YOUR values, YOUR passion and YOUR mission. Don’t talk about it BE about it.

10. LIVE the Code-

Follow this code every single day. Don’t take days off from making YOURSELF better. Live with these values all the time. If YOU stray away from them just remember WHY YOU are doing what YOU are doing. Ask YOURSELF is what I am about to do taking me closer or further away from my goals and my perfect life? Is what I am about to do going to help or hurt the ones that I love? Living the code all the time isn’t easy which is why YOU should AWLAYS have a coach and a group to support YOU throughout YOUR life.


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