Online Powerlifting Coaching

I understand not everyone has the ability to train at our Long Island location.

But I also understand the value of personalized powerlifting training program no matter where you live.

This is why I offer an Online Powerlifting Coaching Program for people who are unable to train at Gaglione Strength.

This is the next best thing to live coaching!

How does it work?

We begin with a phone or Skype consultation and assessment. Not everyone will be accepted into our online powerlifting coaching program. It’s critical that both coach and athlete are compatible to get the most out of our online program.

Once you are accepted, I will create a program designed to fit your personal needs and goals. Our online coaching program is done through the Coach Now platform: an app that provides effortless communication between coaches and athletes.

With the Coach Now app, we can track your progress, collect data,and provide feedback on videos and photos of your lifts. The user-friendly app makes coaching effective and efficient from anywhere in the world. You will receive unlimited support and timely feedback with our Coach Now app.

What do I get with my Online Powerlifting Coaching Program?

Your Program Includes:

  • An initial phone or Skype consultation and assessment to determine your current strength and weaknesses, and whether you are a match for our program.
  • Online Coaching through our Coach Now platform to make corrections with your technique and discuss your training progress.
  • Accountability from an expert coach to ensure you stay on track.
  • Goal setting advice to ensure sure you are focused and reach your maximum potential.
  • Personalized programming to meet your specific needs and goals.
  • Access to our gym in Farmingdale, NY, four times per month.
  • An Exercise Video library to ensure you understand the proper technique for all of the exercises in your program.
  • Access to our VIP Private FB Group with motivation & technique tips.
  • Meet Strategy for Warm Ups and Projected Attempts.


How much does it cost?

To join the Online Powerlifting Coaching Program, we require a three month commitment at $145.00 per month. This will be charged on a recurring basis to your credit card or with PayPal if you are living overseas.


How do I get started?

Still wondering if this is the right program for you? Online Powerlifting Coaching Program was designed to be a risk free way to give it a try. You have no risk and nothing to lose!

Schedule your FREE 30 Minute Phone Consultation with me to learn more about our

Online Powerlifting Coaching Program and see if it’s right for you!