Elite Distance Coaching Program

I understand not everyone has the ability to train at Gaglione Strength, but I understand the value of program no matter where you live.

This is why I offer online coaching programming for people who can’t make the drive to Gaglione Strength. Coaching will be done through e-mail and youtube(if you want technique coaching).

You must commit to three months and will reoccuring  at $145 per month (recurring with credit card or with paypal for overseas athletes). You workouts will be based on your needs and goals. You will get exercise index guide for many common exercises that you may not know.

This included a personalized program with unlimited support through our brand new system. If you have the ability to video your lifts I can also give you audio coaching through our system and break down your technique and get the most out of your programming!

This is the next best thing to live coaching!

If you are local enough you will also get bonus 4 times per month access at the gym so you can get some live coaching and make sure your technique is on point.

**NOT everyone will be accepted into our online coaching program. During the consultation we will discuss your goals and if you are accepted into our Elite Distance Coaching program **

This program will include

  • An assessment to see where your current strength and weaknesses
  • Accountability from an expert coach to ensure you stay on track
  • Goal setting advice to ensure sure you are focused and reach your maximum potential
  • Personalized programming to meet your specific needs and goals
  • An Exercise Video library to ensure you understand the proper technique for all of the exercises in your program
  • Online Coaching through our Edufii system to make corrections with your technique so you get the most bang for your buck!I look forward to working with you!



Still on the fence? See what others have to say about the program

Being so new to the sport of powerlifting the idea of a meet was pretty terrifying and distance training came with its own fears.

What if I didn’t understand what my coach was telling me?
What if I couldn’t do the program?
What if I asked too many questions?
How does someone effectively coach from halfway across the country?

After speaking with John on the phone and numerous emails I decided I wanted him to coach me. Even from New York, John was always there for me. He watched as many videos as I sent or posted online, never seemed annoyed or bothered by my questions and when I felt like things were going well he stood by and coached me as needed but never smothered or bombarded me with information. The program was constantly changing and challenging me but it never felt like it was impossible and made me stronger. I would absolutely recommend John to anyone and come meet time again John will be my first choice for a coach. John is everything a coach should be and far exceeded anything I expected with the distance between Nebraska and New York.


-Gabby D. Mother & Powerlifter out of Nebraska

Remote coaching with John Gaglione has transformed my lifting tremendously! Before, I was floundering around doing my own programming, and had plateaued in all of my lifts. Through John’s guidance, I am now attacking my weaknesses in each lift to get stronger and improve my form. He understands the different phases of the competition season and what is required to get better without burning me out. John responds very quickly when I tag him in my lifting videos on Facebook, Instagram and email with form suggestions and encouragement. He is always available when I need help or to make modifications to my programming if I’ve been sick or have an injury. I can’t wait to see how much stronger I can get continuing my partnership with John! 

-Sarah Dooley- Mother, Wife, & Powerlifter out of Ohio


I have been distance-coaching with John for about 6 months now. I first connected with him when I went to a seminar at his gym, and I knew immediately that I wanted to train with him.

The problem was, I live in Boston and he’s in Long Island! I was so excited when I discovered he offered online coaching. Before I started training with John, I never really followed a set plan.

In the 6 months that I’ve followed his programs, I’ve made so much progress in all my lifts, including adding 20 pounds to my squat and bench press. Not only is John a great coach, but he’s also extremely supportive and motivating. He’s always there to offer support, advice, and encouragement. He always has time for me and everything is extremely personalized.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about powerlifting. His programs work!

 Chrissy Giorgetti, Powerlifter in 114 Class out of Massachusetts 


I shopped around a decent amount for online training before going with Gaglione Strength.  Working with any distance coach seems like it has a lot of unknown quantities, so I was never fully comfortable signing up with anyone until I started talking with John.  I liked that he zeroed in on my goal of competing in my first powerlifting meet and broke that down into very manageable steps.  I usually have a hard time sticking to set programs and get bored with them quickly, but changing up the program every month kept things fresh.

My workouts took me an hour or less even on the higher volume days, and I lifted 3x a week.  I have a very basic free weight set at home where I did 70% of my workouts. I found that both the video form checks and the meet looming in the not too distant future really motivated me to be consistent with my work and put in maximum effort every workout.  When I had questions, I don’t think I ever waited more than an hour or two for responses from John, and most of the time I heard back from him within less than an hour.  His pricing for online training, which includes an in person session every week if you’re close enough to work out at GS, undercuts every hands on online or distance program that I’ve priced out and definitely over delivers.

I was able to hit my personal squat and deadlift goals for 2016 in three months of distance training, adding 30lbs to my squat, 40 to my deadlift, and surpassing my goal for my first meet total by 25lbs.  Meet day ran very smoothly despite 100+ degree heat and I hit eight out of nine of my lift attempts. I would highly recommend anyone considering strength distance training to sign with Gaglione Strength – I promise you won’t regret it!!

 –Megan E. Wooding Recreational Powerlifter


I started  and finished my powerlifting journey with john and his team for about 3 years and I loved every day of it.

I learned a tremendous amount of training knowledge and was inspired to read/watch anything I could get my hands on in my free time. 

Although I rarely had the chance to train at his gym with him, I stayed in contact through the Internet and phone calls and had the opportunity to be supported and coached at all the competitions. 

I never had someone else, including myself, write a program for the training cycle than him. That trust was gained through results (personal records at all 6 of my consecutive competitions) and the passion that shined off of him.

 – Ryan Brennan, Personal Trainer out of upstate NY


Gaglione is a powerlifting coach that not only propels you to get bigger, faster, and STRONGER, but also is a coach that performs the little things extremely well. His exercise library is one of kind treasure and he goes out of his way to ensure your success in and out of the gym.

For me, Gaglione stood out from the traditional coach because he is not afraid to tell you about his failures in life or in the gym. His past experiences have given him the knowledge to help myself and countless others to DOMINATE not only the barbell, but any situation in life.

I would encourage anyone looking to make a serious change in his or her life to experience Gaglione Strength for themselves.

-Nancy Newell- Strength Coach at Cressey Performance


I started working with John less than a year ago. As a novice lifter I was frustrated with the progress I wasn’t making. Upon consulting a friend, she recommended John and I couldn’t be happier that she did. John has pushed me to be the powerlifter I didn’t think I could be, and beyond the numbers I’ve put up, he has helped me get through the difficult mental struggles of lifting. I am excited to see what progress I will make with him in the future.

 -Kristen Dye Powerlifter and Musician out of Massachusetts  


That hardest part is just making the jump to decide to join. Once you commit we take care of the rest!

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