From: Coach John Gaglione


Dear Friends,

I am VERY excited to hold my next STRENGTH seminar for everyone who has been following my articles and videos on the web. Or perhaps you’ve heard about my methods and the results they produce in the Long Island area and you want to learn more. This seminar is going to focus on my personal bread and butter and is all about getting SUPER STRONG!

Strength is the foundation for everything else you do. The stronger you are the more muscle mass you can put on and the more powerful you can potential become. The problem is most people don’t know how to do it the RIGHT way and they experience set back, plateaus, and even injuries.

This seminar is going to focus on the best methods for getting YOU STRONGER. In the Powerlifting for the People Seminar, we are going to show you how to make you stronger whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior or a competitive lifter looking for that special EDGE!

Learning more and educating yourself are what separates those who experience GREAT success vs those who only experience mediocre success. Learning powerful STRENGTH training techniques and methods that give you the upper hand over the competition is what this seminar is all about, along with plenty of time for open Q & A to ensure that I answer every single question and concern YOU may have.

In a nut shell…. I’m 100% committed to YOUR success!

If you’re as committed as I am to achieving success and getting STRONGER, then this seminar is for YOU.

But, I can only accommodate so many people to ensure you get the attention you deserve
. I’ve been to over-crowded seminars and I was just another face in the crowd, missing out on learning valuable information because it was too crowded and the focus was on quality, NOT quantity.

I won’t allow that happen….. Like I said, I am 100% committed to YOUR success.

And, if you’re wondering why you should listen to me, here’s a quick bio before I tell you what you’ll experience at Powerlifting for the People Seminar:

John Gaglione is a strength coach out of Long Island, New York. John trains people from all walks of life at his facility located in Farmingdale New York. He specializes in improving maximal strength for athletes and “average joes”. He coaches a powerlifting team of over 40 people and has helped over 60 lifters achieve national ranking in their respective weight class and division, 5 of which surpassed the top 20 all time IN THE WORLD.


John has written many strength and conditioning articles for major online publications such as Men’s Health, Elite Fitness Systems, Testosterone Nation, One Result and is the author of Powerlifting for the People and the Powerlifting Handbook. He has been a featured speaker at several schools including Cortland and Hofstra University for their exercise science programs.


An avid strength athlete John also has a lot of “under the bar experience” and has competed in the sport of powerlifting for over a decade. He has best competition lifts of an 900 Squat, 575 Bench and a 660 deadlift.

During the Powerlifting for the People Seminar on Jan 11th, You and ONLY 14 Other People Will…

  • Discover the magic behind creating programs that deliver powerful results in literally half the time. No more wasting time, energy and effort on useless exercises and workouts that take too long and simply do NOTHING to give you the competitive advantage. You will learn simply methods to effectively learn and TEACH all of the main barbell movements as well as some unique ones to really enhance your strength development!
  • Are you searching to learn sport specific methods to improve strength for YOU or YOUR athletes? Because only 15 attendees will be allowed to attend this seminar, there will be plenty of time to address specific concerns and questions for different situations, different athletes and different age groups and how to achieve these specific performance traits. Ask anything and I’ll have the answer to help you achieve your goals.
  • Wondering how to manage YOUR health when you are training extremely heavy? This is critical and can be a make or break factor in achieving success or achieving burn out and missing out on BIG PR. You will learn proper warm up and injury prevention techniques to keep you healthy and keep hitting records! This section alone is going to be worth the investment of the seminar!
  • Looking for other like minded individuals to connect with to get more ideas from or to train with? When small seminars like this happen the most motivated individuals tend to gather together. This is often how training partners and friendships are formed to elevate ALL of your success together as a team.
  • Discover How to avoid the MOST fatal flaws that cause lifters to get injured and miss out on achieving their TRUE potential.
  • Open Q & A time at the end of the seminar to address your specific questions, concerns and needs.
  • Get an up front and personal look at exactly how I train my team get ready for a contest and how they achieve success so quickly. You’ll have the same road map I use and you will be able to put these methods to use immediately.


Here are the Details of When, Where & How Much

Remember, only 15 people are allowed to attend. Once 15 sign up the doors are closed for good.

Where: Gaglione Strength

32 Allen Blvd, Farmingdale, NY 11735 | MAP IT

Date: Saturday 01/11/19

Time: Check in at 9:30am-2pm

Registration  $97*

Buddy Sign Up Options $147 for two pass or $217 for 3 Passes. Save $$$$*

I look forward to seeing you on Jan 11th!

*For any current distance teammates or local teammate currently running our program and getting coached by us be sure to e-mail me first for special details and registration options! We take care of our team!

In Strength,

Coach Gaglione

-Educate, Motivate, Dominate

PS Anyone attending this seminar will also get FREE access to team workouts Friday Jan 10th and Sunday Jan 12st surrounding the event! Simply e-mail [email protected]for details on registration for BONUS team training! 

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