Chris Della Fave and my chubby little self are looking to put together a Raw and Equipped lifting clinic and open workout this August .

Raw lifting is awesome but some lifters may not be able to go heavy raw anymore due to injuries or they may want to try something new. Whatever the case geared lifting is another option to keep you in the iron game longer! We want to show that there are various forms of powerlifting and all can be beneficial and provide a lot of benefits and can be a good change of pace and just fun to switch things up from time to time!

Our goal is to expose more people to equipped lifting and get more people involved in the sport.
In this seminar we will have technical and hands on portions and cover a variety of topics.

We are going to go over the uses and benefits of

-The Monolift
-Wrist Wraps
-Knee Wraps
-Briefs and Suits for Squatting and Deadlifting
-Bench Shirts and “sling shot” devices
– Use of the box squat, board press and other special devices for equipped lifters

As well as the differences and executions of raw versus equipped lifting for the bench squat and deadlift.
We will have a technical portion for the bench squat and deadlift. After the conclusion of the lecture and hands portion we will have some time for Q and A and then go into the open workout.

So we will also cover

– The difference in technique for raw and equipped lifting
– Modifications based on training raw or equipped
-Warm ups and technique drills to hone in your skill
– Open Q and A to make sure all of your questions are answered.

You will get to train one of the main lifts during this portion. If you have your own gear please bring it!

We want to let people new to gear try it out and see what it’s about

As well as provide opportunities for current geared lifters to come together exchange information and get some solid training sessions together.

For those that don’t know Chris is one of the geared lifter in the world strength wise and lb for lb!

He has best lifts of an 1100 Squat 760 Bench and a 855 deadlift and has totaled over 2600 lbs in competition!

Here are the details
When: August 24th Check in 9:30am
Seminar 10am-2pm (with lunch break)
Open workout 2:30pm-4:30pm

Where: Skiba’s Gym
625 Roosevelt Ave, Carteret, NJ 07008

What to Bring: Bring your normal workout gear plus any powerlifting equipment you would like to try out IE a Squat suit or Bench shirt OR just a new pair of knee wraps!

How much?
A small investment of $50 for the first 20 attendees

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