Books by John Gaglione

The Powerlifting Handbook: Practical Principles for Crushing PRs

With the growing popularity of barbell training gaining strength is becoming a more common goal for the masses. One might ask the question “How can I ensure I am doing everything in my power to get as strong possible in the most efficient way?” This book reveals everything someone needs to know to build a strength program that DELIVERS results! You’ll get a complete X’s and O’s playbook on how to get stronger. No fluff, no theories that haven’t been proven, just tried and tested principles and methods that have worked for ages. No longer be confused by the next training program that promises you strength. Fads come and go but the principles and methods found within this book are proven to work to add strength to all your major lifts, leading you to break your PRs time and time again. If you’re looking to shatter some personal records, this is the guide to get you there.

Powerlifting For The People

Powerlifting has been a sport that many have attributed big out of shape meatheads who are only interested in pushing big weights around, until now. This book written by strength coach John Gaglione shows how powerlifting is much more than just pushing heavy weights, but how it can help you reach your desire health and fitness goals despite your age, your gender, or previous training background. You’ll discover how you can build muscle, get rid of unwanted fat, boost your self confidence, and so much more by using powerlifting.