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“It Is Very Beneficial And You Are Going to Be A Stronger Kid”

The training before I came at Gaglione Strength, I was working out at the high school a lot and it wasn’t as intense as the work outs there. They weren’t a beneficial. And in my matches I’ve won most of the matches but against stronger kids, it was difficult to beat them before we moved out. Coming to Gaglione Strength really helped.

I’ve put in a lot of work here. I came 3 times a week. Some people did more than that but 3 times a week is a good number.

Very intense work outs here and it is very beneficial and you are going to be a lot stronger kid.

Dan S. New York State Wrestling Champion

“You Want To Be The Best As Strong As You Could Be, You Got To Come Here”

First off I came in, I had an injury. Literally since January I put a 150 pounds back on my squat. So, what he’s going on here is the real deal.

This program, he made it so it works for everyone.  I don’t see why you don’t want to come here. You want to be the best as strong as you could be, you got to come here.

This guy has got unique ways of getting around injuries and you know prevent the injuries and helping injuries. So all in all, I mean the program works. 

Dom Minnici Raw Powerlifter All American Baseball Player

“He Will Change Your Life, Not Only He Will Make You A Better Athlete…He Will Make You Feel Better About Your Life And Everyday Goals You Have”

I started training summer going into my freshman year college. I never squatted before that, never really dead lifted before that, never really lift a kind of evaluable exercises because that’s all I know. I came here, work the motions with me, helped me open up my hips for sure, my biggest issue. I couldn’t even break parallel on the squat.

 I have a broken wrist. I got every tool or book to accommodate your needs, if you have a problem he’ll fix it. If he sees you are a, kind of an amateur with the lifting, he’ll address slowly work you with his program. If he sees you’ve been lifting and is used to training, pulled out his program for you. This guy is very knowledgeable and he will change your life.

I would tell them, time commitments 3 days a week, let you come in to do stretching if you want on the off-days. Bang for your buck, great price. He will change your life, not only he will make you a better athlete if that’s your goal, he will make you feel better about your life and everyday goals you have.

Mike Vannucci All County Football William Patterson

“Before I Came To Gaglione Strength I Used To Get Bullied Around On My Matches…After I Started Coming Here, I Started Being The Aggressor”

Before I came to Gaglione strength I used to get bullied around on my matches. I easily get injured frequently and after I started coming here, I started being the aggressor. I was definitely the strongest guy in every single one on my matches and very rarely I get hurt, normally I don’t get hurt.

If you look at any of our videos, everything that we do here is about technique and form. That’s what we really concentrate on. So, not only you are going to get so much stronger, you are also going not going to get hurt down the line, which is a big deal. Nobody focused around that length, which we got in Gaglione. You can go online and look at all these other gyms on the island, nobody focused on that.

Dan Coder All County Wrestler Plainedge

“I Came In To This With A Bad Shoulder And Now My Shoulder Feels Like Its Back To 100%”

Before I came back training with John, I actually stopped lifting for about like 7 months, so I had zero based strength anymore and I was starting fresh and within the first month I was already hitting the numbers that I was hitting when I was currently when I was training at my best. So it really, really does work. I put on from the first cycle probably about 10 pounds – my best shot. I’ve squatted on mid force right now, benching close to 3. My dead lifts coming up on 6 and before that probably I think I was pulling 5. So, it really does work.

He really does set up right, so he avoids any possibility of injury. There’s a lot of specialty bars and training, he does a lot of recovery and stretching at the end. I came in to this with a bad shoulder and now my shoulder feels like its back on 100% right now and it just really set everything up so not to be at hurt.

Anthony Minicci Raw Powerlifter County Finalist Plainedge Wrestling

“Before I Came In To Train At Gaglione Strength I Was Training Completely Wrong And Wasting My Time And Wasting My Energy…”

Before I came in to train at Gaglione Strength I was training completely wrong and wasting my time and wasting my energy. I did it for 3 years straight, was squatted and couldn’t break depth. Now at this week I squatted 355 broke depth came up fine and I got a 280 bench much better than what I used to be. 

Johnny Labriola Raw Powerlifter Hicksville


“Dude, IT[Gaglione Strength]…LOOKS…FREAKING…AMAZING! I want to train there!” Jim “Smitty” Smith of Diesel Strength & Conditioning, & Co-Founder of CPPS 

He’s Legit!

“John Gaglione is THE Man, if you’re in Long Island area looking for training in powerlifting or athlete S & C, check out Big Gags. This dude is legit and can’t say enough good things about him!” Zach Even-esh Owner of Underground Strength Gym 

Take Your Athleticism To The Next Level

“Over the past year I have got to known Coach Gaglione pretty well and I have to say he is one of the most knowledgeable strength coaches I have met. The amount of time and preparation he puts into the training of his athletes is unquestionable. If you are a serious athlete in the Long Island area and are looking to take your athleticism to the next level be sure to get on Coach Gag’s program!” Joe Meglio Owner of Game Changer Athletics & Meglio Performance

Understand The Mission Behind The Training

“I have had the opportunity to learn from John over the past 2 years. What stands out the most about Gaglione Strength is the fact John can not only coach his athletes but be is able to make his athletes understand the mission behind the training. John has a unique way of coaching his athletes and getting the most out of them. His passion for training and coaching is what separates his gym from the rest. Learning from John is a sure fire way to take your training to the next level.” Rick Daman Strength Coach out of PA & Owner of Daman’s Strength Training

Pushed Me To Be The Best

“I started training with John Gaglione in the summer going into tenth grade. I was just recently brought up to varsity football and after hearing a lot about the success of the guys he trained, I figured that training with him would be a great idea. I originally trained with him to become a very good football player. During my sophomore wrestling season, I trained with Coach Gaglione, and I feel that it was his doing that got me really into wrestling. I continued to train consistently with him right through my senior wrestling season. Coach Gaglione was a huge part in helping me win two section 8 wrestling titles and going all state twice, because he always pushed me to train and improve, even when I did not want to. He always pushed me to be the best that I could and training with him has really paid dividends. My strength, flexibility, and over all athleticism has improved greatly since I have been with him. I plan to continue training with John throughout my college wrestling career. Training with him has been great and I attribute much of my success to him.” Two Time County Champion, Two Time All State 4 Year Starter at Harvard NCAA Division 1 Qualifier Wrestler David Ng

Gaglione’s Methods Helped Me Win My Weight Category

“I trained with Coach Gaglione in preparation for the 2011 IBJJF Montreal Open. We worked on increasing my strength and more importantly augmenting my level of conditioning. Using Gaglione’s methods helped me win my weight category and the absolute, I never gassed and when I lost my wind a little I recovered quickly. John Gaglione proved to be a knowledgeable coach who not only worked me very hard, but also made himself available off hours. I was also very impressed with the positive relationship I saw he has with his younger athletes. John’s a great guy and I cant wait to work with him again!” Louis Geropapas Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, Renzo Gracie brown belt, IBJJF Absolute Champion

Great Improvements As Athlete & As A Person

“Dear Coach Gaglione, Since I started training with you I have noticed great improvements in myself as an athlete and as a person as well. On the physical side, your strength training has helped me a great amount. It has allowed me to excel as a wrestler in ways that I could have never imagined possible a few years back. You helped me reach a level that i could have never done on my own. There is always room for improvement and I believe you are the person that has helped me make constant improvements and I look forward to continue on the path of success. As a person you have a great mentality, which has helped me stay up when I experience set backs and what keeps me going when I achieve success. I am very grateful to have you as a trainer and friend, and I look forward to the future under your training.” Ed Giron MMA Fighter, Former 2 Time Captain Wrestling Captain & Academic All-American

Truly Practices What He Preaches

“This past summer I had the pleasure of working under Coach Gaglione. The knowledge and training tools I obtained from him will stay with me for a lifetime. Coach Gaglione, a competitive powerlifter himself, walks the walk and truly practices what he preaches. Any athlete looking to get bigger, faster, and stronger would benefit immensely from Coach Gaglione.” Matt Gebert Intern at Gaglione Strength, Exercise Science Major at Western CT

My Numbers Went Up Dramatically

“John Gaglione began training me in the spring of 2008. I had somewhat of a background when it came to lifting however; John helped reach my full potential mentally and physically as an athlete. John began our training by teaching me a lot of lifting technique. Once he felt that I had mastered the technical aspect of the lifts he started to let me add weight. Throughout my time training with him my numbers went up dramatically. I remember specifically that spring not being able to dead lift 315lbs on a trap bar and by the time it was early august I was dead lifting 500lbs. Most importantly John didn’t just make me a good weightlifter he made me a great high school athlete. His lifting program obviously carried over to the football field and wrestling mat. That fall I was named a football captain for my varsity football team where I was a starter on offense and defense. My team ended up playing for the Nassau county championship and I was named all conference. I continued to train with John through the fall and winter of that year. He developed a great in season weight lifting program, which helped me maintain the strength I had obtained during the spring and summer. This was a direct contributor to my success in wrestling season. That season I finished 3rd in the Nassau county wrestling championships at 171lbs. One of the biggest thing that I feel goes overlooked is the fact that I have been injury free ever since I started training with John. John’s training programs aren’t just targeted to make you strong, but also to keep you healthy. When training with John there is a big emphasis on injury prevention. Currently I am at the second level wrestling for Springfield College. John as helped me make it here and I am going to continue training with him.” Nick Camera Springfield College Wrestling Captain and 2 Time All County

Physically Dominant On The Mat

“Coach Gaglione trains several wrestlers on our team. The first thing you notice is the difference in appearance of these athletes, which is nothing compared to their increase in performance. The athletes trained by Coach Gaglione are physically dominant on the mat. Knowing they have the strength advantage allows these wrestlers to enter every match with confidence. Coach Gaglione gives our team the tools they need to be successful; I wish our entire team trained with him.” Pete Marques Varsity Wrestling Coach

Taught Me To Never Set The Bar Too Low

“Since I started training with you I have made and noticed major improvements in myself as an athlete on the field and a young man off the field. The physical part of the training, mainly the strength and mobility portions have helped me out a ton. One of the most important things Coach Gaglione has taught me that proper form is crucial for everything from basic stretches, to a heavy squat attempt. All of these things have been helping me throughout my training. Off the field I have learned to fight through whatever task that I face and not to give up no matter what the situation. All of this has allowed me to build strength in ways that I did not think I would be able to reach before becoming a college football player. Being there for me has really helped me reach a level of strength and mental strength that I do not think I would have been able to get to myself. There is always something new we try out, new workout, new goals, and always a new task to complete when I set foot into the gym. As a friend and a great trainer I feel that you have taught me to never set the bar too low and get after it. This doesn’t just apply in the gym this applies to anything I am doing. I am thankful that you have put so much time into working with me and I can’t wait to get home from college and get after it in the summer. Thanks for always being there Coach!” Andrew Crescenzo All County and College Football Lineman at University of Brockport

Learned The Proper Form & Technique

“Since I began to train with you throughout high school and into college I have improved both in the weight room and on the field. When I began to train with Coach Gaglione I learned the proper form and technique needed to help increase my strengths and prevent injury. In High School Coach Gaglione helped me get on the field and start for my team, where we went to the Nassau County Championship game. His help with my lifts helped me get to the college level, where I am currently competing for a starting job this upcoming season. The knowledge I have learned from Coach Gaglione has helped me on and off the field. When I am away at college and unable to train with Coach Gaglione I use his coaching to improve my lifts and help those who do not have the same knowledge I have about lifting. I am looking forward to future training and I am very thankful to have you as a trainer.” Joseph Grieci College Football Lineman for Western New England 2011 NEFC Champions

I Regret Not Training With You Earlier In Life

“Dear Coach Gaglione, Although I have only trained with you for about a year now prior to leaving for college, I have seen major improvements. The great thing about your method is that you make sure that each athlete you train masters the form before allowing them to really begin moving heavy weight. This sounded boring at first, but in just a few short months after training with you my lifts increased drastically. My squat form improved drastically, along with my deadlift. Not only did my form improve but my numbers skyrocketed as well. One of the best things you have done for me is differentiate my works due to my wrist injury. Your knowledge and experience makes it simple for me to get around that problem. You always have an alternative exercise to relieve the pain on my wrist. When I left for camp in August and arrived, I felt bigger stronger and faster then my competition. I had a great camp and impressed all of the coaches. I am now on the verge of breaking the wide receiver deadlift record at the University, and I am only a freshman. None of this would have been possible without you. I am looking forward to coming home this summer and breaking some more personal records and becoming a better football player. I regret not training with you earlier in my life.” Mike Vannucci All County Wide Receiver at William Patterson University

Knowledge Is Second To None

“The dedication and commitment that coach Gaglione puts toward helping young athletes ahieve their goals is truly inspiring. Coach Gaglione’s knowledge of strength and fitness is second to none. As an assistant wrestling coach at Plainedge High School I could not think of a better person to be training my athletes and get them prepared for the mat. For anyone looking to reach the next level in their athletic careers I would highly encourage them to be a part of Gaglione strangth training.” Jamie Sgaglione Wrestling Coach & 2 Time County Champ, 2 Time All State Wrestler

Improved Strength & Flexibility

“I began working with Coach Gaglione in the summer after my senior year of high school after having heard of the work Coach Gaglione had done with many of the top male athletes at Plainedge High School and the significant gains they had made on the playing field as a result of his training. Seeing as my first season of division I softball began only three months later, I was eager to start training with Coach Gaglione for I knew he had the knowledge and the skills to help me succeed at the next level. Now having trained with him for an extended period of time I can say that I am beyond grateful for all he has done as I have made significant physical gains ranging from improved strength and flexibility to increased explosiveness, all of which have transcended to my ability on the field. I attribute all of my success both in the gym and on the field to Coach Gaglione as he constantly motivates all of his athletes, myself included, to go beyond their limits and attain each and every goal they set out to fulfill.” All Long Island College Softball Player 4 Year Starting Pitcher at Fordam -M. Daubman

A Lot More Explosive & Flexible

“I’ve known coach Gaglione for a little over 4 years now, he’s one of the nicest people I know and one of the best people at what he does. I first came to him about 4 months ago because after my senior year of wrestling I decided I still wanted to pursue the sport at Nassau Community College, but I knew I had to start lifting hard. I looked at all the kids who went all-county and even one who went all-state my senior year. They all had one thing in common… they trained with coach Gaglione, so I decided to go to Gaglione strength. The last 4 months he’s shown me a lot of technique starting off with body weight and kettlebells then later working with the barbell and other types of bars, new exercises and new stretches that have helped me tremendously. Not only have my numbers went up in my deadlift, squat and bench press but I am a lot more explosive and flexible now in wrestling. The gym atmosphere is great too, coach Galgione motivates everyone and pushes them to their full potential. I would not think about training with any other strength and mobility coach.” Mike Scutellaro College Wrestler

Jumped At The Chance To Spend A Day Learning From Him

“I first met John Gaglione at a strength training and nutrition seminar and he has been nothing but helpful since. John’s command of the subject of strength and conditioning is immediately evident whenever he speaks on the topic. I jumped at the chance to spend a day learning how to get stronger from him.” Chris Smith Strength Coach at Train Better Fitness

Achieved Personal Best Of 500 Trap Bar Deadlift

“I started training with John in the 9th grade. I didn’t have much discipline and wasn’t much of an athlete.. I came to John Gaglioe because I wanted to get better in wrestling and football. I wanted to gain more strength and discipline After the first couple of months of training with John I already saw improvement. After 4 years of training I improved drastically. I achieved personal best of a 500 trap bar deadlift and a 225 pound bench press. I also improved in my speed in football, which helped me earning a starting position on the team. I wrestling I also improved drastically as well finishing the season with 19 wins and 2nd in my conference, which qualified me to wrestle in the county tournament. Working out with John was a life changing experience.” Cory Gluekert League Finalist for Wrestling

Constantly In Pursuit Of Learning

“As long as I’ve know John he is constantly in pursuit of leaning new things when it comes to training. Whether it’s powerlifting, kettlebells or wrestling he will try to learn more about it.” Frank D APF, SSA and RAW powerlifter

Helped Me Get Closer To My Goals

“Since I began working out 5 years ago I have been under the watchful eyes of John Gaglione. I’ve followed John to three different gyms to continue working out with him. He has been a huge help for me. John has a wealth of knowledge which he uses to help people in all fields. He has added many different movements to my workouts to make its specific for my needs. John knows how and why each movement works and can explain everything in ways easy to understand. John has helped me get closer to my goals and is someone I know i can always turn to for help.” Vincent Scalice Aspiring Professional Wrestler and Victory Pro Wrestling New York State Title Holder

Recommend John To Anyone Looking To Perform At Their Highest Ability

“I am a powerlifter, looking to compete in my first meet in December. I have known John Gaglione for close to two years. I have been training with John since the beginning of last summer. John is well versed and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of strength training. He always makes sure that my form on my lifts is as close to perfect as possible. In addition, John has helped me program a modified Westside Barbell conjugate-style routine. He has also given me accessory exercises that I have used to improve my weaknesses in the bench, squat and deadlift. These accessory exercises and the improvements in my technique enabled me to bench 300 pounds, three weeks ago. This has been a goal of mine for years. I would recommend John and his strength training program to anyone who is looking to perform at their highest ability.” David Tepper Special Education Teacher