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Who is Gaglione Strength for?

Anyone who simply wants to take their training to the next level. We specialize in strength training for athletes & adults looking to improve performance, build lean muscle and drop body fat. No matter what level you are at we can help you get to the next one! It isn’t just for elite lifters and high level athletes we offer a wide variety of programs for men and women with varying ability levels. The bottom line is strength training can help any goal and our programs can be tailored made for whatever your needs are.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes YOUR first workout is AWLAYS free. We must to make sure we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us. If you are serious about taking your training to the next level and getting in the best shape of your life this is the gym for you. The first workout is designed to teach you basic movement patterns and assess your strengths and weaknesses so we can design a program that fit YOUR needs and YOUR goals.

How do the sessions work?

All of our sessions are done in a group setting. This keeps the cost of our membership down while increasing the energy of the gym. After your initial assessment you will be written a customized group program designed to fit your specific needs and goals. Even though you are training in a group you still get a personal feel and you will be taken care of as if you had a one on one personal trainer. You get the energy and motivation from the group and the personal coaching and programming that you would normally see from an expert one on one trainer. Exercise variables are constantly modified to fit the needs of each individual.   This will help sky rocket your results and separates our gym from the competition.

What am I going to get when I sign up?

– An assessment to pin point your strengths & weaknesses
– A program designed to fit your specific needs and goals
– Expert coaching to ensure you are utlizing proper form and getting the most out of all of your exercise while preventing injury
– Injury prevention training methods through out soft tissue program to ensure you are moving and feeling better
– Proper warm ups to prepare you for your workouts
– Nutrition Tips to make sure you are fueling your body properly to assist in your recovery and all of your training goals
– Access to our Gaglione Strength VIP Facebook Forum for added support and motivation from the group
– Access to special events and member only clinics
– You will become the strongest and fittest versions of yourself!

How much will I need to invest to join?
When looking to find the best gym for your needs don’t look for the lowest price. You get what you pay for. View it as an investment versus an expense. You should never put a price tag on your health and the value of your life. Without your health you have nothing and cannot experience lift to the fullest. By investing in a trainer you can be relieved of the stress of trying to workout on your own and not getting the results YOU deserve. Our most expensive membership price cost just under $20 per workout. About the same price you would pay for  day pass at a commercial gym. We also offer discounts for special populations which are listed below. All payments are reoccurring each month through our billing systems with a credit card. This allows us to focus on coaching and give you the best experience possible while keeping costs down and still delivering  you amazing results. All of our programs and pricing our listed below. If you qualify for a discounted program please contact us directly.

Gaglione Strength Services

– Personal Training, Group Training, Distance/Online Programing
– Team Training Strength & Conditioning Camps
– Staff Development Work Shops for Coaches & Trainers
– Internship for Exercise Science College Majors & Fitness Professionals
– Clinics & Seminars

Programs Offered

Sports Performance Programs for Youth, High School, College Levels tailored to your ability level and specific sport demands

Fitness Programs for Adults looking to drop body fat and build lean muscle

Elite and Recreational Powerlifting Team Program for those looking to peak for powerlifting and strongman competitions

Elite Wrestling Development Programs

Female Specific Training Programs for Fat Loss & Athletic Performance

Become the Strongest Version of YOURSELF!

Check out our session times listed below and sign up for your Free Trial TODAY 

Gaglione Strength Metabolic Strength Training &
Sports Performance Training Times

This program is designed for the competitive athletes or strength enthusiast looking to maximize performance and strength ! These times are also open for competitive powerlifters looking to peak for their next contest.

Monday Wednesday Friday at 6:15am 8:45am, 4:15pm & 5:30pm
Tuesday Thursday at 8:45am and 5:30pm 7:45pm (in season athletes training time)
Sundays at 12:15pm

Powerlifting Team & Strongman Training Times

This program is designed for the competitive powerlifter looking to increase their total and work towards national and all time rankings in their weight class and division. We recommend you have competed in at least one powerlifter meet or several months of barbell training experience if you want to train at these times.

Monday Tuesday Thursday at 7pm & Sunday at 10:45am

Fit Camp

Program designed for beginners who have little experience in the gym and want to lose body fat, improve strength and get in great shape. Designed and modified for all abilities.

Mon Wed Fri 5:30 am
Sun Tues Thurs 9:15am
Mon-Friday 6:45pm
Mon Wed 8pm

Membership Options

ADULT PROGRAMS for those looking to build muscle, burn fat, and gain strength

All Access Elite Membership up to 4x Week of Coaching sessions
Includes Access To The Gym On Off Days + Special VIP Gaglione Strength Member Only Clinics
$225 per month reoccurring membership 4x a week of coaching sessions

Program Options for Adults

-$195 per month reoccurring membership for Metabolic Strength Training or Powerlifting Team Training up to 3 days per week month to month
-$155 per month reoccurring membership for Fit Camp Training up to 3 days per week month to month billing

Long Distance Coaching + Physical Gym Membership
-$125 per month reoccurring membership for Strength Training 1 day per week + Online Coaching for additional workouts

ATHLETE PROGRAMS for those looking for improved sport performance, strength, and power

Elite Athlete Sports Performance Training up 3x a week Off Season up 2x a week In season
Includes Access To The Gym On Off Days + Special VIP Gaglione Strength Member Only Athlete Clinics

Program Options for Athletes
  $195 per month reoccurring membership for Off Season Training up to 3 days per week
-$165 per month reoccurring membership for In season training up to 2 days per week for maintenance and peaking

Collegiate Athlete/Student Summer Special: Up to 12 weeks of Training.
*Program available from May to August Only for students enrolled in College.
$475 Paid in Full Over $100 in total savings!

Collegiate Athlete/Student Intercession Special: Up to 6 Weeks of Training.
* Program available from December to January Only for students enrolled in College.
$165 Paid in Full Over 50% Off!

Our highest membership price comes out to less than $20 per session.
You are getting world class coaching, programming, & training dirt cheap!

Sign up TODAY to reserve your TRIAL workout and strength evaluation using the secure form below.
Call 516-233-9502 for more information.

*Short Term Special Memberships Available for College Students & Athletes Available Upon Request for Summer & Winter Sessions. These memberships are paid in full after the initial consultation. 

* Police, Fire Fighter, Military, & Family  Discounted Rates are Available! We take care of the people who take care of us.

*One Year Contract Discount
We take care of people who take action and are truly committed. For those seeking a long term commitment with us you will receive a substantial discount each month. Commit to a year and reap the rewards.

**In the even your breach the agreement you will be pro rated for the time you spent with us before the one year contract ends.

*Membership is a monthly reoccurring credit card fee based billed through our EFT company on the 1st of the month

Set up your free Trial workout today! Let us know your goals and which session and time you want to attend.



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